Nursery & Elementary School – Faetano RSM

Scuole Faetano

The scholastic complex of Faetano is composed by 3 sections: primary school, elementary school and the gym. The different sections have an independent entrance and their own operating autonomy, even if they are thought as stages of the same ideal course: the progress of the child from childhood to adolescence. This progress materializes itself in a planning frame that harmonizes spaces among them and it connects them to the external passage. Everything is minded for schoolboys. Easy forms embrace the school and delineate an internal/external course without a continuity resolution, in which the fall of architectural barriers and the security are priorities that conducted ours architectural choices. We pursued the ideal of an open school, dipped into green. The big windows that design the profile of the building make it dialog with the setting, establishing a direct thread with nature: a portentous scenery that, debasing softly between hills and falls, reaches the sea. The fulcrum of the total complex is game area of primary school: an open theatre embraced by two big linden trees and delimitated by wood to the north. All green areas are organized consistently and, by common consent with the “agricultural and environmental resources management” office, have been selected long and medium stemmed native essences. The laminated wood’s cover introduces a matchboard that, in the section of Primary school assume different colours. Outside this area raised porticos that take recreational activities. Separated by a filter zone that overlooks on the stairwell, the elementary School is splitted up by two sectors dedicated to the first and the second cycle, between them a large and luminous entrance hall develops. The choice of colours, the orientation of classrooms and other technical expedients, ensure that all classrooms get the pleasure of natural illumination, controlled in the rooms exposed to east by a shadowing system.