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In the small town of Corianino the location “Chiesuola” recalls the existence of the ancient church. In the documents analyzed is noted that the contruction had already been built in the first half of 1700. Later additions were made to various uses. The purpose of the Customer is therefore to restore dignity and importance to a Church in the suburbs , most likely , it could be one of the oldest existing in the Republic of San Marino. The project aims to isolate the entire volume of the Church with Cannonica , totally demolishing the rest and recovering the volumes with a new building. The solution proposed to maintain the volume of the building thus allowing the front , so who come’s from Faetano to retain a vision of the parish complex virtually identical to that considered current characteristic and the identification of the fraction of Corianino. Using the volumes resulting from demolition we designed a new building , on the edge of the lot. The building is set on two levels and will host some local parish community activities . The building is surrounded by a porch that will allow outdoor group activities. Between the Church and the new building you can find a courtyard that includes a designated area for lawn crossed by paved sections that connect the various buildings.