Outbuildings – Riccione


The project involved the construction of a Concrete Batching Plant. It consists of the following functional areas: area for the storage of aggregates, area for the charging feed hoppers connected to the discharge feed hoppers by a conveyor belt, area occupied by the silos which contain cement and additives, area for mixing and loading materials in the mixer truck, the office area divided into control center, local offices and services. The implant is made of metal structures in part enclosed with metal prefabricated panels. The foundation are typeCast-in-drilledhole piles, instead soil retainment is achieved with reinforced concrete diaphragms. The plant is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system for re-use in the production process. Also the water previously used to wash mechanical equipment and the work site, after a phase of filtration and sedimentation, is re-used in the production cycle.