Lcs Headquarters – San Marino

Faetano, Repubblica di San Marino


The project aims to the redevelopment of two buildings owned by LCS society, one housing laboratories and offices, the other meant as an outlet. We wanted to carve on the façade of the blocks the kind of activities they host, and in order to do so we studied coherent references. The external structure hosting laboratories and offices is covered with hexagonal anodized steel cells that reminds of the molecular compositions of the perfumes company creates. The cells envelop the whole building, making it semi-transparent and creating a light screening effect. The filter for the new access to the offices is covered with hexagonal cell panels. Welcomed into the building, guests are introduced to the fascinating world of chemistry. The shape of the outlet shop is inspired by the product’s packaging: a big black box made of pvc and steel, shaped on the lines of the product. Spotlights, hidden among white stones, highlight the structure and show it off as if it was in a window.