Credito di Romagna Branch – Rimini


The project involved the restyling of a commercial building next to the historical center of Rimini, along one of the main roads of the city. The building is of high transparency combined with a strong structural character enhanced by the cantilevered roof. The project aims to value and enhance these features, as they are fundamental to the specifications of the new activity: transparency and solidity are two distinguishing traits the company intends to adopt. These two themes are developed into a simple and linear language between the two materials used, stone and glass; the alternating of these elements enhances the transparency of the facade thanks to the considerable presence of glass, the sense of solidity and stability is then enhanced through the use of stone in the entrance. The inner spaces, introduced by this dialogue, are enriched with wooden finishes and high-tech solutions, which give a comfortable and modern appearance both in the main room and in several offices and conference spaces.