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The project aims to re-establish dialogue with the city, in line with the policies of urban renewal aimed at reviving the old town, including through the creation of new cultural events and activities, as well as the strengthening of the University of San Marino. The building was created as a flexible and multifunctional space, a real creative laboratory . The current functions of cinema and conference hall will be integrated with the new vitality of spaces for exhibitions of works and art exhibitions or installations, or for the theater and concerts, in conjunction with the catering. The multiplicity untions allow the use of the building throughout the day, and for every day of the year, receiving a heterogeneous flow of people, and amortizing the costs. The old theater seats turn into a system of 150 retractable seats that become dynamically projection room or conference , a space for art exhibitions, creative workshop , space – study or lecture hall for students,  heater, concert stage combined with the restoration, as well as a meeting place. The old tiers become larger balconies on which you insert tables for study or dining, as well as libraries and chairs for reading.