Asset Banca Headquaters – Dogana RSM

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The building, that raises between two streets, has been deeply marked by the place where it was built forty years ago. Placed on the main road that runs through San Marino finally getting to the Mount Titano, the headquarter is characterized by a dynamic and extremely eye-catching facade that, thanks to the rock of San Marino, establishes a link to the past and frames in an ideal screen about 1400 titanium foils carefully numbered and bent one-by-one as if they were handmade by a craftsman. A simultaneous interpretation of the surfaces creates a configuration of lights and colours, thanks to which the façade continuously changes and livens up, becoming different and modern moment by moment. Special attention was paid to inner spaces, where each element finds its own place and wall paintings match the custom made furniture. More than 15 technicians among architects and engineers and more than 150 craftsmen were involved in the project, which took 7 months to be completed. The harmony between rigorous and dynamic elements is the main peculiarity of the new bank’s design.